Gigabit Ethernet Converters
GFT/GFC Series
Gigabit Ethernet UTP to Fiber pdf - 234 KBCopper to Fiber: GFT-1055 GFT-1033 GFT-1053 GFT-1056
Gigabit Ethernet Fiber to Fiber pdf - 239 KBMulti-mode to Single-mode Fiber: GFC-5531 GFC-5333 GFC-5636
Gigabit Ethernet Converter features:
  • Copper-to-Fiber Gigabit Converters. Easy connection to fiber segments extends transmission distances beyond those provided by UTP cable.
  • Fiber-to-Fiber Gigabit Converters. Extends the reach of multi-mode fiber networks by linking them with single-mode segments.
  • Unparalleled network integration versatility combine modular and stand-alone units for high density connections.
  • Extended transmission distances; long reach 1550 nm single-mode version also available.

Gigabit Ethernet Converter

Canary's Gigabit Ethernet converters allow preexisting Category (5, 5E) UTP and fiber optic segments to be interconnected while maintaining Gigabit Ethernet data rates. Now users can take advantage of newer, low-cost network interface cards with Copper Gigabit Ethernet ports and, if needed, link them to existing multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic segments. With Canary's new converters, users across the network can take full advantage of the raw speed of Gigabit Ethernet formerly limited to server/switch backbones.

Both Copper-to-Fiber and Fiber-to-Fiber Gigabit converters are available, both expand the reach of networks. The GFC Series converters provide multi-mode transmission distances from 220 to 550 meters. Both GFT and GFC Series single-mode transmission distances range from 10 to 25 kilometers. A redundant power supply enhances reliability.

GFC and GFT Series converters are available as modular card versions for Canary's 16- and 20-slot rack chassis for high-density configurations.

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