Basic Connections! Media Conversion Family
BC-GTXX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters
BC-GSXLX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Fiber-to-Fiber Converters
BC-TFXX – Fast Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters

Basic Connections! is a family of very economical, simple to deploy, no-frills Media Converters that provide basic Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connections. While some of the rich array of features found on standard Canary models may not be present, they provide solid performance, value, and utility. Each group has models that support either UTP-to-Fiber or Fiber-to-Fiber conversion, providing very economical links between Twisted-Pair segments, low-cost multi-mode fiber optic segments, and single-mode Fiber segments. They are ideal for data intensive backbones in the enterprise or across the campus where cost is paramount and/or where major structural changes to the network architecture are expected in a relatively short time.

Basic Connections! Fast Ethernet UTP-to-Fiber converters interconnect Twisted-Pair and fiber optic segments to extend Fast Ethernet links. They are ideal for connecting user desktops with low-cost workgroup switches or for small office switch-to-switch links.

Standard multi-mode converters provide transmission distances of 2000 meters over 62.5/125 ηm fiber.

Standard single-mode models provide transmission distances ranging from 20 to 40 kilometers over 9.0 ηm single-mode fiber.

Ordering Information
  Optical Specifications  
Model Numbers Media
Min. Tx
Max. Tx
Min. PWR
Max. Input
Specifications in Blue are for multi-mode fiber connectors , those in Black are for single-mode fiber connectors
Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters (1000BASE-T-SX/LX)
BC-GTSX1 UTP / MM -9.5 dBm -4.0 dBm -17.0 dBm 7.5 dB 13.0 dB 0.0 dBm SC 850 ηm 220/550 m
BC-GTLX1 UTP / SM -10.0 dBm -3.0 dBm -20.0 dBm 10.0 dB 17.0 dB -3.0 dBm SC 1310 ηm 10 Km
Gigabit Ethernet Fiber-to-Fiber Converters (1000BASE-SX-LX)
BC-GSXLX1 MM / SM -10.0 dBm -3.0 dBm -20.0 dBm 10.0 dB 17.0 dB -3.0 dBm SC/SC 1310 ηm 550m / 10 Km
Fast Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters (100BASE-T/FX)
BC-TFM1 UTP / MM -20.0 dBm -14.0 dBm -31.0 dBm 11.0 dB 17.0 dB -8.0 dBm SC 1310 ηm 2000 m
BC-TFM2 UTP / MM -20.0 dBm -14.0 dBm -31.0 dBm 11.0 dB 17.0 dB -8.0 dBm ST 1310 ηm 2000 m
BC-TFS1 UTP / SM -15.0 dBm -8.0 dBm -34.0 dBm 19.0 dB 26.0 dB -7.0 dBm SC 1310 ηm 20 Km
BC-TFS2 UTP / SM -15.0 dBm -8.0 dBm -34.0 dBm 19.0 dB 26.0 dB -7.0 dBm ST 1310 ηm 20 Km
BC-TFS1-L4 UTP / SM -5.0 dBm 0.0 dBm -35.0 dBm 30.0 dB 35.0 dB 0.0 dBm SC 1310 ηm 40 Km
NOTE: BASIC CONNECTIONS! standalone converters are compatible with card modules for Canary’s CCM-1600 and CCN-2000 / CCN-0400 Chassis models. Please refer to the CCM-1600 and CCN-20000 / CCN-0400 Data Sheets for more information.

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