10 Mbs Media Converters
MCC-20XX – 10BASE-T / 10BASE-2 / 10BASE-FL (FOIRL) Media Converters

Canary MCC-20XX standalone converters are longtime standards for 10Mbs media conversion. They provide flexible combinations of BNC/UTP, BNC/Fiber, and UTP/Fiber Conversion with multi-mode or single mode connections. IEEE 802.3 compliant, they support 10BASE-T, 10BASE-2, and 10BASE-FL (FOIRL) links. Versions with BNC ports have internal, switch selectable 50 Ohm terminators. Power is supplied by an external auto-sensing wall-mount supply. All MCC-20XX 10 Mbs media converters are available as modular cards for Canary’s standard sixteen-slot, CCM-1600 converter chassis.

These long established products will continue to be supported as long as their core silicon components remain available in the marketplace.

MCC-2000, BNC-to-UTP converters specially modified for one-way transmission through the copper (RJ-45) port, are available for security applications. Contact Canary directly for application and ordering details.

Ordering Information
Model Numbers Media
Min. Tx
Max. Tx
MCC-2000 UTP / BNC NA NA NA NA NA RJ-45 / BNC NA 100m/185 m
MCC-2012 BNC / MM* -15.2 dBm -15.2 dBm -34.4 dBm 19.2 dB 19.2 dB ST 850 185m/ 2 Km
MCC-2012-SM BNC / SM -23.0 dBm -17.0 dBm -32 / -35 dBm 9.0 dB 18.0 dB ST 1310 185m/ 4 Km
MCC-2022 UTP / MM -15.2 dBm -15.2 dBm -34.4 dBm 19.2 dB 19.2 dB ST 850 100m/ 2 Km

UTP / MM -15.2 dBm -15.2dBm -34.4 dBm 19.2 dB 19.2 dB SC 850 100m/ 2 Km
MCC-2022-SM UTP / SM -23.0 dBm -17.0 dBm -32 / -35 dBm 9.0 dB 18.0 dB ST 1310 100m/ 15 Km
NOTE: MCC-20XX standalone converter models are available as card modules for Canary’s 16-slot, CCM-1600 chassis. Please refer to the CCM-1600 chassis, 10 Mbs CCM-120X Data Sheet for additional information.
*Multi-mode fiber specifications are in blue


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